Every year, in Europe, 33 Million of tons of bio-based materials are wasted.

These cheap bio-based resources could instead be used as feedstocks by all the companies in the nascent sector of the Bio-Economy to produce fuels, fibres, feed and chemicals, replacing their fossil fuel equivalents. However, due to the lack of valid sales channelsaggregated data and awareness, for these companies assessing these symbiosis opportunities is very challenging and can lead to missed opportunities.

InSymbio is the first European B2B Marketplace for bio-based residues and by-products with bidding processes and analytics. We are:

  • Matching of the demand and supply of biomass, residues and by-products for the production of bioenergy, biomaterials, chemicals
  • Aggregating data and providing actionable insights
  • Improving the company image with “circularity” indexes
  • Providing one-page websites integrated with the indexes

According to EuropaBio, today the European Bioeconomy is already worth more than €2 trillion annually. Just in the EU, €3.7 billion investments are expected in bio-based innovation from 2014-2020 (Horizon 2020). From the other side, there are in Europe about 14 million of agricultural companies.

We are working on the project since September 2015. We won the following awards:

  • “Nuovi Talenti Imprenditoriali” by MIPAAF, receiving a grant of 30k€ to participate to Expo 2015 in Milan;
  • The European program “ODINE receiving a a grant of 100k€ and the support of companies like the Open Data Institute, Telefonica, Wayra and the University of Southampton
  • The European program Soul-FI receiving a a grant of 75k € and the chance to test our platform with the municipality of Florence in Italy.


InSymbio is a project of Rethink Sustainable Solutions (, an engineering and technical consulting firm that wants to foster the transition to a Circular Economy model. In order to abandon the current ‘take-make-consume and dispose’ pattern of growth, we support changes throughout value chains, from product design to new business and market models, from new ways of turning waste into a resource to new modes of consumer behaviour. To fulfill this mission, we design innovative solutions in the energy and environment fields, with the integration of the digital channels.

Andrea Pastore

Back-End Dev

Rosario Giacomazza

Front-End Dev

Sebastiano Pane

Customer Dev

Stefano Esposito

Business Dev

Michele Galdi